[Friendly reminder] Limit JPEGs to maybe full HD resolution

(darix) #1

We had multiple cases where people thought it was a good idea to upload full size jpegs for posts, which gives us 8-23MB! jpeg files.

I think for most discussions it is more than enough to limit our self to 1920x1080 or smaller resolution.

This does not apply to raw files of course.

Also it might also help to not use the “upload file” function for image files. just drag’n’drop them into the post.

Thank you in advance

uploading (raw) images here: okay?
(darix) #2

(Thomas) #3

I’m happy to do that, of course. However, for PlayRaws this means that you can’t really judge noise reduction or the generation of halos anymore (makes processing easier :wink: ).
Does the site need more financial support to carry the file storage?

(darix) #4

part of the problem seems to be how people upload the images … some of the threads dont have thumbnails for the files that everyone looking at the threads downloads 33mb in 3 jpegs for just viewing the thread.

(Thomas) #5

Yes, I just checked this post. Originally, I uploaded the image using the corresponding icon and the “thumbnail” had the size of the complete image (~6 MB). When I dragged the same image into the post I got a thumbnail of ~ 0.7 MB.
Can this be fixed in the forum software? This behavior was not predictable for me.

(Pat David) #6

This is a good question. Ideally it should create a thumbnail regardless of which upload method is used.

I personally don’t mind the image sizes (this is a photo forum after all, and @Thomas_Do makes a good point about judging quality of some effects at full resolution).

I’ll test the upload stuff shortly and see what’s going on.

[pxChallenge] Civilization without people

For what it’s worth, in a recent post (What's In Your Bag?) I have done the “drag and drop” thing in the hope it would do the right thing, but the “thumbnail” was also that huge file. I have since then re-uploaded a 1080p-maxed picture to reduce the pain.

It would sure be nice to have the full resolution images available on click while keeping threads with more reasonable thumbnails… I haven’t looked at discussions on discourse on the topic, but it seems to me this should be fixed (or reported) upstream! :slight_smile:


Hm, could we, please, limit ourselves to 4.740 x 3.260 or bigger? Everything else would make next year’s PlayRaw Calendar much more difficult … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Pat David) #9

I’ve still got a note to investigate what might have been going on - usually the forum generates thumbnails/previews that are not full-resolution unless clicked on.

(Elizabeth Hayman) #10

whoops…my apologies, I do believe this is probably over the image of my photo ‘bag’ that I copy/pasted from amazon without thinking how big it was…do you need me to take it down?

(Pat David) #11

@lizardbreath - no problem at all! It’s not your image that’s the problem. :slight_smile:

(Elizabeth Hayman) #12

well that’s good to know :):grinning: