Scale issue on HiDPI monitor [Windows 10]

Hi All. I use darktable on my Win10 PC with 4K monitor.
Since the resolution is very high, I changed the “size of text, apps and other items” to 200%. (I use chinese version.)

When I use scale 100% function in datktable, the image size look like 200% not 100%.

But the scale function is work correct on other apps like Lightroom, Rawtherapee, and digiKam.
They show the 100% resolution of image.
Could I modify any file to fix this issue?
Or it will be fixed in next version?




In your darktablerc file, set the values of screen_dpi_overwrite.

screen_dpi_overwrite=150 seems to be a decent starting place.

Also take a look at screen_ppd_overwrite for more information.

Hi @paperdigits , many thanks for you reply. But the screen_dpi_overwrite is not work on me.
My issue in on display image, the other panel works well.

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I think this problem should be fixed. Or…can we have modified shortcut can make quick switch between 50% and fit screen?

Thank you Kelvin for making this bug resurface. I still see the same issue with the latest 2.7 Windows build.

Thanks for the info.

I still have the same issue with the latest 2.7 Windows build. And I have tried changing the values of screen_dpi_overwrite and screen_ppd_overwrite. screen_dpi_overwrite seems to affect only the ui font sizes. The magnification % of the center image preview is unaffected by both parameters.

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I tried 3.0 yesterday, the problem still there…
I don’t understnad, the show real 100% is not a problem for other guys?

3.0 rc ist quite old. There were plenty of commits for the gui behaviour since its release. You need to use the latest development build - do it yourself or hope for a build published on Darktable 2.7 (dev) Windows builds

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Got it! Thanks!