Scanner dialog not showing

Hi all,

I have an HP OfficeJet Pro 8720 which GIMP is seeing when I select scanner/camera but when I select it, I get an error message that it cannot be found?

I have other software that I use with the scanner and that works fine.


I’ve moved this to the Gimp category, since the question is not about processing. The category ‘Hardware’ might also be an option.

One cause is:
The Gimp Windows twain.exe plugin is old and 32 bit. If the installed HP scanner software (TWAIN drivers) are 64 bit then the scanner is not ‘seen’.
…or it might be something completely different.

Try running Gimp in a terminal with the --verbose switch and look for error messages when you choose the scanner.

Many thanks for the replies. I’m sorry but have no idea what “the verbose switch” is or where it’s located - I am running GIMP on a Windows 10, 64-bit laptop.

I’ve seen a solution on the web which suggests going into the “Toolbox” submenu and selecting “Acquire” but my toolbox only contains the words “Raise the toolbox (press F1 for more help)”. The moment I move the cursor to select “Raise the toolbox” the message disappears.

Pressing F1 provides no clues so I have no idea why I’m being told to do so.