Scattering Light Rays

When you start working from home every day, you get to know your place under a different light.
Literally, you see light coming in at times of the day you’re normally not there to appreciate.

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Shot on Fujifilm X100V. Processed with RawTerapee.

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Have fun!

PS: in my case it seems RawTherapee has a big with the RAW files from this new camera, showing a band of black pixel on the top (jpeg above has been cropped because of this), or on the right of landscape one. If somebody sees the same with RawTherapee, I guess I should report the bug.


Strange. In darktable the import window shows the thumbnail, but lighttable shows the skull and “image not available” message.

Same for me. I’ve already uploaded the types of raw file to help development, I think darktable doesn’t support the camera yet.

I see the band in RawTherapee but not in ART.

Because the version of ART you use is newer than the version of RT. I fixed this about 2 weeks ago in RT

And Alberto copied it for ART


Thank you ! I don’t use / stay updated with the development releases.

Good to hear :wink:
Please, let me know if you need samples/help to develop full support for this camera.
I can provide what’s needed, I own the camera. I can also do some basic testing (I can’t commit to programming help, though, for now).

I’d just like to confirm that with the latest auto-build of RawTherapee (gcdf8d8e, AppImage) and the current ART (AppImage as well) the crop is correct.

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One little piece of trivia: those light rays are technically called “caustics” ( You got a pretty good example there!


ART 1.2

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nice light

my idea: B/W low key, a bit like film …

Scattering Light Rays_DSCF0747.RAF.xmp (9.7 KB)


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:grin: Ok, my first attempt with LA; too obvious edges in the wood!

DSCF0747.RAF.xmp (13.6 KB) DSCF0747_01.RAF.xmp (14.0 KB)

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