Scene-referred fine tuning of individual colours

Now that we have an awesome color balance rgb module, I’m wondering if there are any plans for a scene-referred update to any of the targeted colour correction modules like color lookup table and color zones.
Color balance rgb is great for corrections/grading on the whole image and shadows/highlights, but there’s no way to selectively adjust the hue of individual colours without resorting to parametric masks, e.g. pushing the reds towards orange, adding a little more green to the blue sky, etc.

Color zones and color lookup table can do this, but they were made for the display-referred workflow, and I personally find color zones to be really fiddly to work with. Would it make sense to update these modules? Or could this be a feature added to color balance rgb or color calibration?

Adding sliders like the below and incorporating the masking features of color balance rgb sounds great to me, but I’m not a developer and have no idea if this is practicable.


What’s wrong with using parametric masks? I think they’re a much more controllable way to select by hue than the color zones interface.

Completely agree.
How the slider could determine the Hue range to be affected with the slider???
The masks give more control

The most robust way is to mask hues and act on them individually. This allows to refine the mask to better follow feathered edges (hair, actual feathers, etc.) and avoid discontinuities in masks that may lead to chroma noise (the biggest flaw of the current color zones).

My mid-term plan is to add spectral capabilities to the color calibration. Currently, you have red (sort of), green (sort of) and blue (sort of), imagine instead you have 8 channels sampled evenly across visible wavelengths. @hanatos has given me published and unpublished material to achieve that, so once his latest paper gets accepted, I’m cleared to start working on that.


For now I guess you could have 8 presets one for each color and use as new instances when a particular color needed tweaking based on the proposed sliders and maybe use the mask boost or other refinement to fine tune hue targeting

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