Scene-referred workflow: Modules vanished

I recently changed to scene-referred workflow. An example picture is processed while imported like this:

After that I only made steps 12, 13 and 14 / crop & rotate (it’s in german, but that don’t matters for this question) . Then I applied a certain style and the history stack (Verlauf) changed:

Now steps 11, 12 and 13 are the style, filmic rgb is on top, and crop & rotate vanished (you now can see the flowers on the upper left hand side of the picture). Is it a bug? How can I keep the modules I used?

If I’m not wrong the modules order can be recorded in the style. So maybe you are applying a style with the legacy order of modules

A style can be applied either in “append” or “overwrite” mode. It looks like you have it set to “overwrite”. If you change it to “append” then the style is applied on top of your existing edits. You’ll need to set this in the styles module in the lighttable view.


I think Chris would be right you have overwritten it…also note the order in the history is the order the modules are applied so also in this case will reflect their order in the style…but you can always look in the active module tab to confirm what modules are currently applied and in what order they are applied to your image…I have been bitten on this before it would be nice if there was a way to have a prompt or a paste append/overwrite toggle without having to go to lighttable and change it…maybe that could go in quick access so that it can be toggled I will have to try but not sure that is possible from darkroom view even though you can apply styles in either.

Maybe there is a way I am not aware of…I know there is selective pasting but it would be nice to have a keystroke or other means to either paste append or overwrite per image rather than having that as a global setting…

Oh my God, that was stupid from me… “Append” did the trick:

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Hey Mattes,

since your picture is from Erfurt, maybe you’re living there. If so, I recommend you to have a look at 21-52030: Bildbearbeitung (Rohbilddaten) mit der freien Software Darktable® - Grundkurs (Kleingruppe) |

@s7habo is the lecturer of this course and a magician in using darktable (search here in the threads, to see what he is able to do with the tool). Too bad that I moved away recently. It would have been a pleasure to have such a lecturer.



Thanks for reference @semperit !

And yes, I hope that enough people sign up. Minimum number is five people. I have offered the courses before, but there were hardly any registrations. This was partly due to the corona measures and also due to the fact that - as you can see - on the page there is only the simple information about the course.

Since the Adult Education Center belongs to the city administration, it is not possible to advertise the courses on the site. This is very sad.

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