Screen capture, how to copy into post

Not finding a special place for dumb questions, I venture to post here.
How does one paste a screen capture directly into a message on this forum?

PS I have no trouble dragging an image into the reply.

You just Ctrl-V on your text.


Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately Ctrl-V does not work.
Using win7.
Ctrl + Print Screen used to capture.
Ctrl - V works to paste into other documents but no luck pasting into forum thread reply.

Well, to figure out where the problem is:

  • Use PrtSc and see if you can paste the image into some image editor (Gimp, for instance, or even MS-Paint). If you have a clipboard utility, see if it shows an image…
  • Load any image into an image editor, copy to clipboard and see if you can then paste that in your browser
  • Try using a different browser
  • In case this is Discourse which is picky, try this on another site (Imgur and Stackoverflow both accept “pasted” images in their image upload dialogs).

What OS?

I’ve not tried lately to use a PrtScr and paste (on Windows).

I can try tomorrow.


Thank you both for your attempts to help.

Does the upload function need to be selected? I have tried it with and without.

Don’t know what you mean by [quote=“Ofnuts, post:4, topic:3557”]
In case this is Discourse which is picky,

Will try another browser (Firefox) and report.

Success with Firefox.

So I can now show the strange behavior. Image opened with Neutral profile. No editing whatever. Just select before/after view. Note the strange muting of colors, especially in row #3, of After image…

Perhaps I should open another thread to pursue this.

Yes please open a thread in the RT software section.

@mikesan, I use Win7. Here are some Print Screen tips:

  • Ctrl + PrtSc captures the entire screen.

  • Alt + PrtSc captures the active window.

  • In Win8 and after, Win (+ Alt) + PrtSc captures to file.

  • Error dialogs don’t need a screenshot, just Ctrl + C.

I just learned about the last point. It is helpful if you don’t want to break the flow of your post with a screenshot or when you cannot select the text in the dialog with the cursor.


Thanks for your tips. I have been using Ctrl + PrtScr to save the screen grab. Problem arises when I try to paste that into my forum post using Ctrl + V, when using win7. It does work OK with Firefox.

My post on print screen was for the sake of completion, since many here use Linux and may not be aware. Also, in Win7, you don’t need to modify PrtSc with Ctrl. Just PrtSc would suffice.

I use Firefox on the regular basis, so I haven’t encountered the problem. I am curious: which browser wasn’t responding to your pasting?

MS Internet Explorer 11