Screen Space rendering for image compositing?


(Camilo Talero) #1

I want to know. Assuming that I have a depth map for a real image, but no normal map, and a fake image with an associated normal map, can I use natron to use screen space rendering to composite an image from the 2?

For example say I have this:

And that I change the floor to a different material with different colors and diffuse, specular poperties. I would thus have a normal map for the floor but not to the rest of the room. Can I use Natron to render new effects such as specular reflections on the artificially generated floor?

( #2

You can use the depth as it mask and only apply the effect in the zone of grey specify of floor

(Tobiasz Karoń) #3

I don’t know how one would do that in Natron, but I’m sure you could create a 3D scene in Blender to render your new floor (you’d have to model the lighting of the scene etc.) and then use that in Natron to composite it back with the original image. This Could be tricky though.


The common technique for overlapping fake reflection/texture is using STmap. You will need the uv pass for this. you will find STmap in Transform section…Also there are UV to Vector/Vector to UV nodes in community plugs.