screenshot problem

hello I installed version 2.10.30 of Gimp, I wanted to take a screenshot by going to file and creating a screenshot, but it does not work.

Looks very similar to this one where I added a little animation

but really need to know which OS - linux - Windows -MacOS

I’ve got to admit I never knew Gimp had such a feature. There are a few videos on Youtube about it. Good luck!

Well I was unaware of this feature before reading this post. I tried following the steps and it did not work for me either. I often do screenshots of GIMP and other programs, but I use the Snipping tool in Windows. I presume other operating systems have similar inbuilt tools. Hopefully they would achieve the result you want.

For what it’s worth it works for me, both an individual window and the full screen. There’s apparently no selected region ability.

GIMP 2.10.32-1 on Windows 11.

I’m on windows 11 too, but I don’t know why it’s not working !!!