Script commands

Hello, I’m pretty new to Siril, and I have the feeling that it is quite powerful. But also not super easy to learn.
In particular I would be interested in using the command line.
To use it I know that I have to issue this command:

/usr/local/bin/siril -d <my_path> -s <my_script>

So far so good, and the list of script commands is this:

I wonder if there is a tutorial for it, because a reference list of command is not 100% useful when starting from scratch.

I was able to write a script (see below). Conversion and stacking behave more or less like the GUI does. But for example the “asinh stretch” seems not working (result is fully black).

Any hint ? any pointer to a good guide to use scripting ? Also in the command script guide not all the options are well described or even mentioned.

Thanks and congratulations for this great product :slight_smile:


setcpu 4

cd …/bias
convertraw m31-bias_
stack m31-bias_ rej 3 3 -nonorm
cd …/Siril-PostProcess

cd …/dark
convertraw m31-dark_
stack m31-dark_ rej 3 3 -nonorm
cd …/Siril-PostProcess

cd …/light
convertraw m31-light
preprocess m31-light_ -dark=…/dark/m31-dark_stacked -bias=…/bias/m31-bias_stacked -cfa -equalize_cfa -stretch
register pp_m31-light_
stack r_pp_m31-light_ rej 3 3 -norm=addscale
cd …/Siril-PostProcess

load …/light/
asinh stretch
savetif ./m31

To use command in a first time you can do it in GUI. There is a prompt.
Asinh stretch is not a right command. Stretch must be a value.