Script for preparing images for the Internet, etc.

I did some more work on the script that I posted in: I called it: fotoprep.


  1. Grab the script from
  2. Run the setup: fotoprep -s
  3. Play with some image files: fotoprep image.tif some_directory/image.xcf ../other_directory/image.nef



Quickly prepare photos individually or in batches for use on social media sites, your own website, tablets, phones, etc.
The images can be resized and a watermark or an annotation bar can be added. Sharpening can be applied and additionally the metadata will be cleaned and a copyright notice will be added in the EXIF, IPTC and XMP tags.


  • Convert images, including xcf and raw files, to jpg, png or tif.
  • Resize images with presets.
  • Resize images with one time custom sizes.
  • Add a watermark.
  • Add an annotation bar with a logo and a copyright notice.
  • Add an extra comment to the annotation bar, taken from the comment metadata tag.
  • Choose a font for the copyright notice and comment on the annotation bar.
  • Sharpen the images.
  • Customize the features by running fotoprep -s


fotoprep filename(s) -> Prepare photos for use on the Internet,
                        tablets, phones, etc.
fotoprep -s          -> Run the setup program to set and/or
                        change options.
fotoprep -v          -> Print the version number of fotoprep.
fotoprep             -> Print this help.


  • ExifTool, GIMP, RawTherapee and ImageMagick must be installed.
  • This will only work in Bash >= 4.0.


Here is a screenshot of the script in action:


Sample output

Here are some processed sample images:





That’s a great idea, thanks for sharing this nifty tool!

Super idea! You may need to tweak the output sizes periodically as the social media sites screw around with their presentation sizes.

Well, the ones that I added are actually only examples. If your run fotoprep -s you will be able to change all the presets to your liking. You might want to use three different sizes for your website and maybe you post to, to 500px or maybe you are on Ello. I don’t know. I myself will not be using the presets as they are.