script in Bash files issue with seq files generated and calibrate command

Hi siril users

i used script with siril gui to do pretreatement.
i update my pre-treatment scripts with “calibrate” replacing preprocess (all is working fine)

my script basically create a sequence from fits files, preprocess them and register them.
i then load the seq file of registration “r_pp_xxxxx.seq” for stacking manually with gui.

i want to lauch these script with bash files after ekos completed the acquisition under ubuntu.

so i re write them in “bash mode” following those example here

Siril - Advanced Siril scripting with bash or DOS

i first got the message as “calibrate” was not supported in the log file.

so i re replace with “preprocess” and bash script give this message : Reading sequence failed, file cannot be opened: pp_brute_L.seq. (this files is generated)
script seems to run well ( all files generated with right prefix)

when i open siril gui to load sequence file , the search for the sequence in the right directory said there is no .seq files (i have three .seq files) . Looks like they are not recognise by siril.

using the gui whatever is preprocess or calibrate , the seq files generated are correct.

i use siril 1.2.0-rc1
commit a593c2b

could you type in your terminal:

which siril | xargs -I {} sh -c '{} --version'

and give me the result please.

siril 0.99.11-Unknown

seem the script is using the old version ? :sunglasses:

You should remove all old version:)

i removed the 0.99.11 version

as the 1.2.0-rc1 version is installed with flatpack

replaced all the line ‘siril’ by ‘flatpak run org.free_astro.siril’

and got this msg

“error: app/org.free_astro.siril-cli/x86_64/master not installed”

not sure the way i do is the right way with “flatpack run …”

any idea ?


No sorry. You should ask on flatpak forum if any?

Thanks for you help