[?] Script preprocessing no_flats execution failed

I tried to change FITS extension and that didn’t work. I am also quite sure the working directory is in the right spot. Does anyone know why the script failed to execute?

Hi, what are the names of files in the directory?

The names of the files are Darks, Lights and Biases. The images are .JPG

That’s the problem then, the convertraw command only converts raw DSLR files. You’ll have to convert the jpeg to FITS manually, but I can already tell you that the result will not be as good as you hope if you use jpeg images, which are a reduced-dynamic lossful compression of the images.

That’s allright, I didn’t expect high quality images as this is my first attempt at shooting and stacking deep sky images. I also did it without tracking. How do I convert JPG to FITS? Thanks for the information! :smiley:

In the conversion tab, add your jpeg files, set a base name and click convert.

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I converted all of them, yet the “No sequence ‘dark_.seq’ not found” line remains and it does not work.
Edit: This problem is fixed, new one appeared.

I think the dark images are stacked, but I have no idea what happened next.

Look at the file names please and try to name them as supposed for script usage.

Indeed, but not using same scripts therefore. These scripts don’t work with FITS images.
Next version will provide universal scripts.