Scrolling and moving the canvas as I draw mask


I cannot remember how to scroll on the canvas during drawing of a mask. When no masking tool is selected, you simply click into the canvas and drag. If you do that when drawing a mask, the mask is finalized. What am I missing. I need to zoom in close to draw some masks, and that requires scrolling.
Help greatly appreciated.

(Edgardo Hoszowski) #2

In preferences->shortcuts->views->darkroom->allow to pan & zoom…

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You could also enable the scrollbars.


I appreciate the replies. In the version I am running (2.4.3) following the suggested path does not reveal a selection ‘allow to pan & zoom’.

I could not locate the choice to enable scroll bars.

However, if either you or others could simply describe the keystrokes and/or mouse gestures you employ when you are zoomed in on the canvass near the image edge, drawing a mask, and find a need to slide the canvas in any direction.

I remember discovering how to do this while watching one of the tutorials, and it was easy and extremely useful to me. Without being able to do this will dampen any enthusiasm I have for using darktable.

I know from experience that it can be done, and I did not have to set any preferences to make it happen.

I have browsed and searched the user manual, but have not found that particular subject.

Again, I wish to thank you for your responses.
Still searching for a solution.



Sorry I don’t know what is or isn’t available in 2.4.3 but maybe you can drag in the preview window.


Thanks, Marctwo, for your reply.
When I click into the canvas to drag before trying to draw a mask, the canvas moves in the direction I drag as I would expect.
Howver, once I start drawing a mask, if I click to drag, darktable completes my mask, so that I cannot continue drawing it.

I cannot be the only one using the software that needs to switch from drawing a mask to scrolling and back to drawing from the point where one left off.

I feel stupid that I cannot recall what key I used to touch that allowed me to scroll, then return to mask drawing from the last node created, such that I could work around an imaged, zoomed in close, yet drawing a mask that enclosed large areas of the image.

Hopefully, someone out there can help.



(Hans Petter Birkeland) #7

Have you tried dragging the white rectangle in the preview (upper left corner) image? Or maybe you should consider upgrading to 2.6.x?


This is what I meant.

(Edgardo Hoszowski) #9

If I remember correctly the ‘pan & zoom’ feature was introduced in 2.6, together with the retouch module, before that you can’t pan or zoom while editing masks. Maybe the tutorial you refer to was done using the current official version.


I will be certain to update to the latest version, but am certain that I was scrolling while drawing masks in my current version. I should have book marked that tutorial at the tie. Can’t locate it now.
Thanksf or all the replies.


I’m away from PC now, but can you use the arrow keys to move around the section???