Scrolling through photos

Good afternoon everyone. You can scroll through photos in the program. Slowly but surely) But there is a nuance - if we place the photo we are viewing into the trash using the del key, then the program seems to have nothing to start from - shift+F3/4 will no longer work if we have turned on the filter for hiding photos placed in the trash. Am I missing some option in the program settings, or should I remove the filter for displaying only undeleted pictures?

While scrolling through with the intention to delete some of the files, I usually disable the filter.

It’s clear. Well, in principle, it doesn’t matter. It’s a pity that new files open slowly (if we’re talking about scrolling through photos - sorting, rating, rejecting). True, this is not a microscope for hammering nails.

Over the years, even without being very familiar with this program, it is good. Very.

Well, while opening a photo the current settings are applied … in other words, while opening a photo it is going to be developed…