SD card for RX100 II

What is the biggest SDXC card I can use for RX100 II?

At the moment I am looking at

Is it possible to use cards bigger than 256GB?

I’d think you should consult your camera’s included documentation.

It doesn’t say anything about maximum capacity. It only mentions about what kind of cards I can use.

on the web I have seen people posting that they have tested 256GB and it is working fine. I was wondering if 512GB is going to work.

I am curious why you would want that much capacity. For video work? I don’t think you could record that long. Isn’t there a time limit and heating issues?

Or to store lots of files? In that case, why not multiple cards? If your card goes bad and you have all of your work on that one card, that would be terrible. Another argument for smaller capacity cards is that they are much cheaper.

Anyway, to answer your question: yes, the docs would be a good start; but I think going to your local camera specialty store might be better, since they deal with those types of questions all of the time.

I bought camera for my 6 and 8 years old kids. They are going for 3 months overseas trip and want to document everything.
I am going to set mode to Raw+JPG as well.
I calculated that with Raw+JPG it would store around 10-12K images. That number comes to just around 130 photos per day. I expect many video recordings as well so had to go for bigger card.

At first I was thinking about buying 3-4 smaller cards but there is high probability that they could get lost during trip when not in camera.