Select images from a 2 images files

Hello. In HDRMerge, how can I select the individual images inside a two images RAW files like Fuji X10 RAF files?
Thank you

You can not (and don’t need to) select. It autmatically uses both images to make a DNG.
Which version of HDRMerge do you use?

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Thank you. I don’t remember the version. I´m in the office now and don´t have my personal computer. I will download the latest version

If you’re on Windows, use this one:

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And now? What can I do to correct this? I loaded only one RAF file.

Please save to DNG in HDRMerge and upload the DNG. The preview only shows which regions are taken from which frame (though that sharp edges are confusing…)

I did it. But when I load the DNG in RT, in this zones appears strange things


That means, HdrMerge does not get a correct white level from libraw. In this case you can enter a white level when loading the file in hdrmerge. A value of 3788 should give better results

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Excellent!!! Thank you very much!!!

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I used this test build with raw files from a Fujifilm S200 EXR as well, and worked so far that RawTherapee 5.7 could work with the content. But there is a known bug: The encoder class changed during the upgrade from Qt v4 (JPEG) to v5 (JPG), truncating the generated DNG file prematurely. So other software complains about the broken DNG. Another test build, if not even a release v0.6, would be helpful.