Selecting an Area on the Map


I would like to select a geographic area on the map and export the images that are located within that area for export. How can I do that?



Hi, see darktable 4.2 user manual - locations

Then select the location tag and export all of them.

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Search for the area in maps module using the “find location” module

If you have already saved the location, find it in locations module, it will have a count in parentheses of pictures indexed to the location - click “go to location (lighttable).” You can then select all (Ctrl-A) and then export.

If you haven’t already saved the location

  1. Search for the area in maps module using the “find location”
  2. select the appropriate area in the list under find location
  3. click on the icon to the left of new sub-location until you get the polygon
  4. click new sub-location

Then proceed as above.

caveat: increase max polygon points in the map settings module to 25000 or so.
I find “Google Hybrid” to be the most consistently useful map source. Your mileage may vary.

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Many thanks. That is a really cool functionality.

Unfortunately the location name input seems to be broken, so currently I cannot really use it:

You are using an outdated version of darktable. The actual version is 4.2.1. Please update and check if the bug is still present for you. In current developer version (git master) this bug has been fixed.

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In my defense I want to emphasize that I am using the most recent Darktable version available for Ubuntu 22.10 and periodically install the software updates.

So I would not call it “outdated”, and it should still be provided with important bug fixes. Otherwise its right to exist in the form of a “universe” DEB package should really be scrutinized.

That said, I appreciate that the bug is already fixed in the latest version! Many thanks for that info!

Well you’ll have to talk to your package maintainer about that. The community has several mechanisms to provide up to date packages, but the distro repo isn’t one of them.

The naming of a new location does not presently clear the “new location” when you type into it, which is an issue.

However the “find location” module should work fine if you have selected a map source in “Map Settings” module - try duplicating my “map settings” values and then expanding and typing into the “find location” module.