Selecting image priority when stiching?

Hugin 2020.0.0 on opensuse leap 15.2 (interface: simple)

  1. I load the images
  2. align
  3. in the preview | edit cp | I select small overlapping areas from 2 adjacent images (0 <->1) | create control points.

Is there a way of selecting which image, hugin will take priority? I’d rather have the details from image 0 then image 1.


I don’t think so… But what details are.different between the two?

I took a photo of a firetruck.

There are 2 portions to the truck. The engine & cabin for the crew and the back of the truck. There’s a physical gap between the the engine + cabin and the back of the firetruck. That gap is where the overlap is. About 20% of the images are overlapped.

But! There’s always a but.

I took the pano handheld. It’s not perfect. This means that hugin prefers the second image (image 1) for the stitching between image 0 and 1 and it’s not perfect, there a “crink” in the roof the firetruck at the stitch.

That’s why I was wondering if I could select image 0 to have priority for some control points and image 1 for priority for other control points.


You can mask out parts of image 1 that you don’t want

Thanks. I’ll have to investigate. Any “good” tutorial?. I’ve only found one that’s 11 years old.


I don’t know if this technique is consistent, but I just had the same problem. I loaded the two images in the opposite order, and I got a different result. hugin seems to prioritize image 0 over image 1.

I don’t really have experience this (I usually do landscape panoramas with little movement), but I know one can set up blending masks to fix artefacts.