Selective color desaturation? 5.8

Hey guys,
I think all the software suggestions come from mimicking some of the basic features in photoshop, lol.

Is there a way that you guys (devs) can add selective color features such as saturation / desaturation to raw therapee?

And maybe even a basic text module? Just to add basic text like copyright © or larger sized text?

I downloaded it months ago and love the current development so far.
Thank you guys!

There are already 2 modules that can do this using their masking abilities:

EDIT: Just in case you are using the old 5.8 version; You do need the current development build for the local adjustments module. Have a look here:

Cool. Trying it now… Does it autoupdate? Or do I have to manually uninstall and reinstall?


You need to download it yourself. Depending on the OS used you might have an install step in between downloading and using.

@tspace1: To give you a running start, have a look at this, an example of both modules:

Ah, that’s so odd, i’m trying to use color correction regions to desaturate the reds. and it’s not giving good results.

IMG_2849.CR2 (10.3 MB)

:face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: impressive!

Just a quick example to show it can be done:

You need to create a good mix between hue, chromaticity and lightness to target what you want/need. Use the picker to get a feel where you need to be.

If there are other objects in the image that are also of the same colour but that do not need to be targeted you’re better of using the local adjustments tool 'cause it can set localized masks.

Okay. Thanks for showing how.

I figured that image wasn’t the best, but worth a shot to see the process.

I’m a visual learner, so thank you again for the video.

BTW: You could also use the HSV Equalizer or the CH (Chromaticity based on Hue) section in the L*a*b Adjustments.

Go to the HSV Equalizer modue, select S(aturation), use the picker to set the colour and desaturate:

RawTherapee has many ways to do the same thing :smile:

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Okay. I was trying to do it that way earlier and it didn’t turn out the way I wanted in the version I was using.

This reminds me, is there a way to duplicate a color feature?

Say I wanted to do Tone mapping twice to an image or apply a color adjustment twice without saving and exporting an image to be reimported.

No, yes, it depends.

In general: No you cannot.

There are, however, 2 very powerful modules that can create multiple instances of the same tool:

  1. Colour Toning with the Colour correction regions method. But this is limited to the 4 options that this method uses (saturation, slope,offset and power).

  2. And then there is the Local Adjustments module. This one was basically created to do local adjustments and be able to do them multiple times. This module has a whole slew of tools it can use (it is basically a complete editor on and of its own).

Tone mapping can be done multiple times using Local Adjustments, applying colour can be done by both modules.

Okay. I think I messed up, so I’m gonna reinstall the previous version.
Why? All of my presets seem to be “off” and grainy. :slight_smile:

I was going to suggest L-a-b but you beat me to it! That’s a powerful tool in and of itself. Color toning using a mask is also a good suggestion, but I’ve found that the color adjustment tools can be somewhat limited. Either that or I’m not using it correctly.