Self-flattering words

In the FLOSS world we often use yet another _ and other quirky oft self-deprecating names. What if:

Case in point: the 2019-nCoV.


I’ll be sure to try that, especially in my dayjob :wink: instead of “yet another control-panel thingie” i’ll try “Excellent control-panel thingie you’ve never seen before” :wink:

@johnny-bit Careful now: YACPT is a much better acronym than ECPTYNSB.


Sounds like you’re struggling to clear your throat and nasal cavity. :sneezing_face:

Now what we need are some backronymns (like KERMIT):
Simple Non-Additive Photography
Better Exposure Symbol Thing
CApture My Exposure time, ISO Rate and Appeture

Like Aliasing Minimization and Zipper Elimination?


Thanks for educating me - I hadn’t known what AMaZE actually stood for!

Easy to forget because it often exhibits maze like patterns (when pixel peeping). :sweat_smile: