Set default for lighttable expost profile

Is it possible to set the defaults for lighttable export profile? I can select the profile I want but cannot see how to set it as the default.

Have you looked at the options for creating presets for the export module?

OK I seem to have saved a profile which does it. It give the impression that I could store multiple different profiles, but I cannot see how to do that. Is it possible?

It’s my understanding that the setting are a little different. For many modules you get the option to auto apply a preset. This doesn’t show in export. I suspect because when you change the settings they stick. So what you left the last time will be the setup when you next use DT. You can have more than one preset…so for you make one called default and you can use this to reset if ever you need to…if you rarely change then the setting should remain the same

Please use the correct terms. By profile, we usually mean colour profiles (for example, for cameras, displays, printers, output and working colour spaces).
The stored settings of a module are referred to as presets.

This is important, because the export module supports setting a profile (the output colour space):

The output color profile. Select “image settings” if you want the settings in the output color profile module of the individual images to be respected.

(darktable 4.6 user manual - export)

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