Setting home directory to an external hard drive

So I just picked up an external SSD that I want to use as my home directory for stacking with Siril. The drive connects properly and displays as an icon on my desktop, but when I go to set my home directory in Siril, it doesn’t appear as an option. How would I make it appear as a possible choice? The main goal here is to have the process folder (and the associated FITS files) use the external drive since I have limited disk space and cannot process very much data as is. Thanks!

On what operating system are you (macOS, Windows, Linux)?


Have you looked into the Other Locations menu at the bottom left?



I am trying to do the same thing as cmanley134 but whenever i look at ‘other locations’ only ‘computer’ shows up (I’m using a macbook FYI).

Other locations / Computer / Volumes

macOS - a friend provided me with the exact answer above (other locations/computer/volumes). Up and running now. Thanks all.

thank you!