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Hi, I’m starting with Darktable and I’m excited. I downloaded the latest version 3.6.1 and installed. I am Czech and at features | darktable I read, that Czech is implemented. But Czech was not installed in my Computer, even though my OS Windwos 7 is fully Czech. Czech does not appear in the “Darktable/global preferences/general/interface language”, there are only 14 other languages. Can you help me? Thank you very much.I don’t speak English, but I use a translator.

the czech translation is quite outdated. The release build contains just translations being quite completed.

SimpleScreenRecorder-2021-10-09_13.14.56.mkv (7.8 MB)

Download, unpack and put it in C:\Program Files\darktable\share\locale\cs\LC_MESSAGES (126.6 KB)

76% translated.

Very, very, very Thanks! When it’s complete, snasd will know or a Darktable upgrade will be released. Thank you once again!

so 9. 10. 2021 v 13:25 odesílatel Peter via <> napsal: