SHA hash missing for "RawTherapee_macOS_11.7_Universal_5.9.dmg"

Please add an SHA 256 hash for the macOS download of version 5.9

Thank you.

Still don’t know when the site will be updated.

I think @patdavid can update

Thanks. @paperdigits @patdavid

I have above posted the hash for the dmg while the download is an outer zip that will be a different value:

shasum -a 256 

@patdavid you should find the site-provided zip in concurrence with that value.

So, I took a quick peek at adding the hash to the 5.9 download page, and that page contents do not exist in any of my repo branches. :open_mouth:

Did someone (maybe morgan?) update the site and then maybe didn’t push the changes back to the repo I wonder. Not sure how best to proceed other than manually copying over all the relevant changes by hand from html → markdown…

@patdavid ok, that certainly explains what I experienced looking at your gitlab repo for the website! Thanks for the assistance.

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I’ll look into it, would help if you opened an issue in github.

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Tracking issue: