Shadow and highlights with no parameters changed differs from default parameters?

The moment I touch the shadows slider, the picture changes considerably, even without changing the parameter. Resetting the parameter to its default value doesn’t restore the picture, while disabling the module does. Is it me, and am I overlooking something obvious, or is it a bug?


I guess thats because the default values of the shadow and highlight modul are not 0. As soon as you turn on the modul (and it’s automatically turned on when you touch a slider) the image will change. Set the values to 0 and toggle the On/Off button and you won’t see a change.

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Looks like you’re right! What is confusing here is that for a disabled module the parameters are effectively 0, while even a minor change in the sliders makes these jump to something close to its default, 50 in this case, which changes the image considerably.

I’ve created a ‘zero’ preset, and have it automatically apply to all imported images