Shadows in collage. using gimp shadows in gmic.


I am not sure wear to post… so Ill post here.

I am starting to use the gimp for making collages… I am finding it good.
anyways I have made a collage of 30 pics. I have edges at all sorts of different angles.

I am using Gmic to make the shadows as it makes a better shadow.( for me)

I have learned how to move the subject, To get the shadow wear I want it.
My problem is when I go back in to the gimp. my collage is moved.
I assume the collage has moved because I have moved a subject to get the desired there a way I can stop this from happening.

(Mica) #2

Put different parts.on different layers and use gimp’s lock position feature to keep it in place.


Thanks… That kinda works. Gmic does unlock the picture I am adding the shadow to. But the other 29 Pictures will stay in place. So it is easy just to reposition the pic I added the shadow to.

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Change Layers Input “All” and Drop Shadow effects