Sharpening Contrast Mask documentation

Maybe I just missed it, but i couldn’t find anything in Rawpedia (at least in plausible places or via the search bar) about the Sharpening Contrast Mask, its viewing button on the top bar above the preview, and how to interpret what it shows (i.e. is white what is sharpened I’m guessing??). Does it work the same for unsharp masking and RL deconvolution? Please pardon the (not quite) beginner questions but it would be good for someone who knows how to put something in Rawpedia about this. Thanks.

The only minimal mention of the sharpening contrast mask that I know of is in the Capture Sharpening section of the documentation.

Yes, it basically does. You do need to be at 100% zoom level when using it in the Sharpening module, otherwise it won’t show (unlike the Capture Sharpening module, but a 100% zoom level is mandatory here as well if you want the best results).

At times you might see a hint of colour showing up when using it in the Sharpening module. Nothing to worry about.

Thank you!