Short cut behaviour

Hi There,

I am new to Darktable. I experience problems with short cut and modifier keys.
I am using Darktable on an M1 Macbook Air, running MacOS 13.2.1 and Darktable 4.2.1.

Problem One:
Select All Images is cmd+a - this doesn’t work for me, even if the shortcut setting say so. It only works if I click cmd+a and then immediately click a again (double A basically). Only this select all the images.

Problem Two:
Jumping between collections, Film Roll selected, double click doesn’t work, it either requires Shift or Control to be clicked simultaneously.
I cant find any settings for that.

I cant find any explanation for it in the documentation for that behavior.


you won’t find anything in the documentation for that behaviour since it’s not the default behaviour.
You might delete ~/.config/darktable/shortcutsrc* files to enshure you have a default configuration

to problem b: check your preferences - you can enable selecting a collection via single click if that helps

Hi There,

thanks for the feedback. I have done that, but it doesn’t help. It still requires 2 clicks on the A key to make it work.
Darktable feels/is buggy on my system. Sometimes the options under the “Hamburger Menu” disappear for no reason, and are only back after a restart, only to show up for one time and disappear again.
I had Darktable deleted and reinstalled multiple times but it doesn’t really work.
Darktable is the only program that behaves wired.

Hi there,

I had deleted everything. Program and the preference files etc.
After reinstalling select all works with cmd+a, but still need modifier keys like to Shift and Control to switch between film rolls for example.This is not needed with 3.8.0 running on 10.13.6.
I also have to impression, 3.8.0 runs better with 10.13.6 in direct comparison with 4.2.1 on an M1 with 13.2.1

Any more ideas?


not reproducible on my m1 max mac pro with ventura 13.2.1 and current master build as well as with 4.2.1.

did you check your hardware is ok - is giving proper signals?

Hi There,

I had run an Apple hardware test, first aid, I also reinstalled the system software.
All good. Looks like only Darktable isnt behaving as it should