Short Downtime (Sorry)

Hi all!

We were running out of disk space on the server, so I went ahead and doubled the disk size! Yay, we needed more space! :smiley: :fireworks:

So we had a short bit of downtime that was unexpected, because I am a poor sysadmin. I apologize if anyone was in the middle of writing a post or response and possibly lost it. Feel free to flog me here.



Double the disk size: some $
Clean all stupid, useless, duplicated, obsolete, deprecated … things: how many $ ???

Thanks !!!
the XXIX - XXX century archeologists

Don’t worry - I’ll leave a complete README before we shut the lights off for future generations to parse. I’ll even .tar it - surely they’ll have figured out tar commands by the 30th century? :smiley:

We have a few very generous people who fund our server costs for the last few years, so we are fortunate that we can afford the server space :slight_smile:

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