Should Natron be added to the software page?

(Gord) #1

Topic title says it all…

(darix) #2

Only if we start a list with all video tools

(Pat David) #3

We probably should start a list. I can try to get something going unless we bribe @paperdigits with a cookie…

(Ingo Weyrich) #4

btw: on the software page there is a missing closing bracket for
CHDK (Canon Hack Development Kit

(Mica) #5

Should it be a separate page? Or just a sublist?

(Alexandre Franke) #6

For what it’s worth Blender is on the page and it’s not a photo editing program either. Also I’m pretty sure Natron could be used to do compositing on stills, not just on videos.

(Pat David) #7

I forgot it wasn’t added! Thank you for bumping this topic to remind us. I’ll get it added immediately.