show photo's positions on map

I imported a bunch of photos into darktable, and I’m geotagging them using a gpx file. However, the application of the gpx file told me that geotags were applied to 41 photos, while the photos I had imported are more than 50.

I need to know what photos are geotagged and what aren’t. I cannot see any way but that of showing the photos one by one anche checking the presence of latitude/longitude data. Isn’t there any way to see these infos from the map view?

Besides that, I can’t find a way to know, in map view, what is the position of each photo: I’m seeing all the positions in the map, but I can’t see a way to know the position of a specific photo… is there one?

Check out the lua extension Geo Toolbox:

It has some more tools for working with location.

If that doesn’t work, I’d use grep to find all xmp files that don’t have the word “latitude” in them.

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Btw. I wrote a blog post about that script here:

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ok, maybe I’m a newby, but I cannot find how do I install your lua extension…

RTFM (Read the fine manual): :wink:



you might want to use geosetter. It has a filter to show only those images with or those without coordinates.


You can click a photo in the film roll that is below the map to center the map on that photo’s location.

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Nobody is thinking of some form of evidentiation of the selected photo?