Showing color space info in IrfanView

Hi guys! Just a quick question, i normally use irFanview to see the images, and also present the some of the exif tags in the viewer.

When i process the photos in Rawtherapee (version 4.2.1375 GTK) the IRFANVIEW don’t show the colour space of the photo, and with anothers raw programs it says.
I’m using the following option in colour managment
INPUT PROFILE: auto-matched camera profile
Working Profile: PROPHOTO
Output Profile: RT_sRGB

I’m using my dell monitor profile that rawtherapee have U2211H_DVI

I note that in some photo prints shops they complay about the colours/contrast that need to be corrected.

How to solve this?

Do you need to tell irfanview where to find the RT_sRGB ICC profile? Just a guess since I don’t use irfanview.

I use this option to show information from the EXIF

$E40961 - ColorSpace

With DxO I get sRGB info and from the RawTherapee nothing.
Here is an example

  1. Please don’t hijack issues.
  2. When you think you found an issue, use the most common and powerful tools to verify first, so that you can be sure it’s a RT problem and not an IrfanView problem or a user problem. In this case, the tools in question are ExifTool, Exiv2 and ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick.
  • exiftool -a -G0 -ColorSpace -ICC_Profile:all image.jpg
  • identify -verbose image.jpg
  1. Always provide sample files (in this case your resulting JPEG), uploaded using

Doing point 2 I verified that RawTherapee seems to work fine, the ICC profile is embedded in the output file.

Just used this method and see that it have a ICC profiles

exiftool -a -G0 -ColorSpace -ICC_Profile:all 20150710-20150710-_MG_2081.jpg
[MakerNotes] Color Space : Adobe RGB
[ICC_Profile] Profile CMM Type : lcms
[ICC_Profile] Profile Version : 2.3.0
[ICC_Profile] Profile Class : Display Device Profile
[ICC_Profile] Color Space Data : RGB
[ICC_Profile] Profile Connection Space : XYZ
[ICC_Profile] Profile Date Time : 2012:01:15 17:28:16
[ICC_Profile] Profile File Signature : acsp
[ICC_Profile] Primary Platform : Microsoft Corporation
[ICC_Profile] CMM Flags : Not Embedded, Independent
[ICC_Profile] Device Manufacturer : LCMS
[ICC_Profile] Device Model :
[ICC_Profile] Device Attributes : Reflective, Glossy, Positive, Color
[ICC_Profile] Rendering Intent : Perceptual
[ICC_Profile] Connection Space Illuminant : 0.9642 1 0.82491
[ICC_Profile] Profile Creator : lcms
[ICC_Profile] Profile ID : 0
[ICC_Profile] Device Mfg Desc : Rawtherapee
[ICC_Profile] Profile Description : RT_sRGB gamma sRGB(IEC61966 equivalent)
[ICC_Profile] Device Model Desc : RTsRGB
[ICC_Profile] Media White Point : 0.95016 1 1.08842
[ICC_Profile] Red Matrix Column : 0.43585 0.22238 0.01392
[ICC_Profile] Blue Matrix Column : 0.14302 0.06059 0.71385
[ICC_Profile] Green Matrix Column : 0.38533 0.71704 0.09712
[ICC_Profile] Red Tone Reproduction Curve : (Binary data 8204 bytes, use -b option to extract)
[ICC_Profile] Green Tone Reproduction Curve : (Binary data 8204 bytes, use -b option to extract)
[ICC_Profile] Blue Tone Reproduction Curve : (Binary data 8204 bytes, use -b option to extract)
[ICC_Profile] Chromaticity Channels : 3
[ICC_Profile] Chromaticity Colorant : Unknown (0)
[ICC_Profile] Chromaticity Channel 1 : 0.64 0.33
[ICC_Profile] Chromaticity Channel 2 : 0.3 0.60001
[ICC_Profile] Chromaticity Channel 3 : 0.14999 0.06
[ICC_Profile] Profile Copyright : No copyright Rawtherapee -IEC61966 equivalent
[ICC_Profile] Media Black Point : 0 0 0

And from the DxO it doesnt show ICM but only exif tool

exiftool -a -G0 -ColorSpace -ICC_Profile:all 20150710-20150710-_MG_2082.jpg
[EXIF]          Color Space                     : sRGB

I’m quite new in this colour management thing, but want to learn about it and how it works, because from time to time i like to order some photo prints and also books from dreambooks and want to have at least a near from reality color.

About Rawtherapee, I understand now that for color management it is writing the ICC profiles, so not a big problem for photo prints, but it’s not write the colour space in the EXIF like other programs.
Why is so?

In the preferences/image processing I have the option to EXIF copy unchanged to output file, but when i go to META TAB i see that the exif color space tag is not selected by default to be write in the output file.

this is the reason of my first post, it could be not important, just want to understand.


Please upload sample JPEGs from other programs, use

I tested now, and regardless whether that option is on or off, the output JPEG will have the RT_sRGB profile embedded if you use it as the output profile (default).

Something strange seems to be going on there.
I tested with

exiftool -G0 -args ~/test_images/arangast.raf | grep -i colorspace

The tag is there.
For some reason, when I open this RAF in RT the ColorSpace Exif tag has a cross, selected for removal. “Reset all tags to original values” leaves it crossed. Why? Tested in commit 8094ce.

When I enable “Copy Exif/IPTC/XMP unchanged to output file” then regardless of whether the ColorSpace tag is ticked or crossed out, the resulting JPEG has no ColorSpace tag. Why? It was there in the original file - leaving metadata unchanged should result in a JPEG file with that tag.

When I disable “Copy Exif/IPTC/XMP unchanged to output file” and leave that tag crossed out, the resulting JPEG correctly has no ColorSpace tag, and when I tick that tag (“Keep the selected tags when writing output file”) then the resulting JPEG correctly has that tag.

So why does RawTherapee disable that tag by default, and why does “Copy Exif/IPTC/XMP unchanged to output file” enabled not reproduce it?

@heckflosse @floessie @Hombre do you have any ideas?

If you enable colour management in IrfanView, the software incorporates the monitor profile into any output image. So be careful, this might ruin the colours! This would mean, that the output depends on the screen on which you work (if you e.g. have two screens).


@Morgan_Hardwood Here is the link with raw and jpgs
I did test with disabled “Copy Exif/IPTC/XMP unchanged to output file” option and the results is the same as @Morgan_Hardwood , with enabled will have no exif tag of color space even when i change it in metadata.
Maybe this is the correct way of working, because the option is to not change the original exif, but don’t understand the missing color space tag.

Shouldn’t be this EXIF colorspace the same of the ICC profile? And when it output a file will change according to the ICC output profile? or is this auto removed by default in order to avoid confusion with ICC embeded profile and original Exif color space?
many questions…sorry

@Jossie thanks for the advise. I just use as a viewer, because it can “print/show” exif data in the slideshow and it’s good for me to learning about photography and the conditions i used for each photo.

I’ve no idea. That’s not the territory I’m usually working in.

It’s because of the AC_DONTWRITE property here. Don’t ask me, why it is tagged that way. Git history doesn’t reveal who put that line in and we could interview on the matter…

Good find @floessie

That tag should reflect what color space the saved image actually uses, but maybe at the time that metadata-copying feature was implemented the functionality of writing that tag based on the output profile was skipped for later, and subsequently never addressed?

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Shouldn’t this topic be assigned to RAWtherapee section?

Will this lead to a Rawtherapee issue, or will it die here?