Sigh. I blew it!

The other night, we got noisy visitors, modernizing the semi-antique sewers beneath our street. In my head, I visualized a photo looking like post #7 in the playraw-night-powerplant thread… Unfortunately, I blew it, by completely overexposing all shots. :frowning:

Here is one of the RAFs if you feel like playing with it: DSCF3881.raf (32.3 MB)
This file is licensed Creative Commons, By-Attribution, Share-Alike.

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


DSCF3881.raf.pp3 (12.7 KB)

DSCF3881.pfi (35.8 KB)


@Claes, thank you for the play, I made a rather noisy edit.

RawTherapee neutral
GIMP 2.8 and G’MIC:
Filters G’MIC: Local F-Mean, Mixer [PCA], DCP Dehaze, Curves, Tone Enhance, Customize CLUT.


DSCF3881.raf.xmp (17.6 KB)

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Thanks for sharing!
I used Photoflow new caching branch where I recovered highlights, reduced noised with emphasis on the blue channel (the most noisy one), sharpening, relight, tone mapping and curves.

DSCF3881.pfi (76.4 KB)


Haven’t seen this before. Looks like a science experiment a la TMNT.

RT 5.7

DSCF3881.jpg.out.pp3 (12,0 KB)

Raw Therapee 5.7

i used dual demosaicing with threshold at 60, quite strong nr, curves and highligth recovery.

I think it could further benefit from a dual development, one with right colors for the truck and the other for the i think tungsten light, merged with Gimp with layer maks.

DSCF3881v2.jpg.out.pp3 (12.9 KB)

Dear Claes,

here is my attempt :slight_smile:

DSCF3881.raf.xmp (62,4 KB)

a-DSCF3881-1.jpg.out.arp (10.5 KB)

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Rawtherapee + a bit of glow effect from the free Nik plugins

DSCF3881.tif.out.pp3 (13.4 KB)


DSCF3881_01.jpg.xmp (1,1 Ko)