Sigma USB Dock & Linux

Has anyone of you used Sigma USB Dock in Linux environment?

I downloaded Sigma Optimization Pro program Windows version, installed it with Wine and started it. It seemed to work properly in other respects, but didn’t recognize the connected Sigma USB dock, which means firmware cannot be updated and lens cannot be adjusted. Driver issue?

Lens calibration is something one would like to do at home, because it can be time consuming, repetitive task. What next? Is there a way to run a virtual Windows inside Linux or similar workaround?

I run a copy of windows 7 in a virtualbox vm. The vm can see the sigma-dock and use it.

If the device is actually a serial port via USB, you can pass it through to wine, but if it is an actual USB device, you’ll need to use a VM and pass the USB to the VM.

wine cant handle USB devices IIRC