Simple question about preview (gui_split_preview)

Hello there.

I’ve created simple code:

#@gui Simple blend : simple_blend,simple_blend_preview(1)
#@gui : Value = float(5,0,20)
#@gui : sep = separator(), Preview type = choice("Full","Forward horizontal","Forward vertical","Backward horizontal","Backward vertical","Duplicate top","Duplicate left","Duplicate bottom","Duplicate right")

  if {$!!=3}
    msg="This filter requires 3 input layers to work properly.\nYou have "$!" layers."
    gui_print_preview "Warning:",,$msg

  blur[2] $1
  +blend[0,2] multiply
  +blend[1,3] multiply
  add[-1] [-2]
  name[-1] name("Blended Image")

simple_blend_preview :
  gui_split_preview "simple_blend $*",$-1

Blend command needs 3 layers (image1,image2,mask) to create one new image I want to display in the preview window. Unfortunately, preview doesn’t work.

Thanks for any help.

It works in CLI. In the GUI, the condition triggers even though there are 3 layers. Is that what you are experiencing?