Simply copy white balance from another image within RawTherapee?

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Is there an easier method to simply copy a white balance chosen from the color picker tool to another image within a tab within RawTherapee? From what I see, I can only copy all adjustments or all updated adjustments to another image.

I’m already using the tab window interface, and doubt having floating windows will allow using the color picker tool within another image.

Scenario, capturing and using X-Rite ColorChecker images for using white balance or other ColorChecker features. Would like to just use the color picker tool from an opened image, upon another opened image containing the ColorChecker tool. Seems senseless and somewhat odd to have to “copy all updated” or “copy all adjustments” as I never really know what is exactly being copied at times. Since the ColorChecker usually requires at least 1/3 frame exposure, working or modifying the ColorChecker image itself to my liking is also somewhat haphazard.

So far, I find it easier and more reassuring to just use the color picker tool for setting the white balance on the ColorChecker image, then manually type in the values to the other opened image being modified.

I Found the Solution!
Second section, end of second paragraph.

From the ColorChecker image, select copy current processing profile (or CTRL + right click for selective options) and then on the target image CTRL + right click “paste processing profile button”, and a menu will display with tick boxes next to the processing profile options. Now select the desired options to paste into the target image profile.


You can use Batch Edit via File Browser mode.


Edit: your edit came at the exact moment of my post. Ha ha. Your method is better because the dropper doesn’t seem to work in Batch Edit.