Siril crashes during alignement / Windows 11 Beta


I try to work on a sequence of 55 images, dark and flat, all settings unchanged, but it crashes during alignment each time i try it.

I am on windows 11 Beta, could it be the reason ?

I am unable to manage this sequence up to now…

I tried also to use from a Windows 10 desktop, i installed it but it doesn’t start :

edit : oups, after some minuts its now open on the W10… trying the sequence now

same crash on Windows 10… and in addition there is like a freeze each time i open a folder, about 15 to 20 sec to wait before the folder opens…
My conf is AMD 5 2600X, SSD 120 Go for Windows, SSD 1To for data

This is probably a couple of known bugs. The folder opening delay was a GTK+ bug that was fixed recently, the crash is probably the memory management issue that was shipped with the 0.99.10. I’m afraid you will have to wait for the next version, or maybe use an older version…

i will try to previous version

No crash with the on Windows 11

So its a specific issue with the last version…

Yes and as vinvin said it has been fixed in the current dev version.

ok, but still not available to download i guess ?

You can compile sources but you have to remember to often update.

ok, i don’t know that so i will wait for the next version