Siril 0.99.10 still crashes after registration

I had this issue with the previous version as well. After preprocessing, and commencing registration Siril crashes and exits. It finishes the registration but I loose the detailed information on the console. Namely which and how many frames were excluded from the sequence. Could this be addressed already please?!

I’m sorry to read that.

That could have been but … you should have report this bug in the last version as you already had this bug.

However, we need more information, because of course we could not reproduce this crash in registration.

All right. I am running Win 10 x64. Work flow on Siril is conversion to Fit sequence, pre-processing with darkflats and darks, registering with multiple stars and stacking. The fit files are untouched straight from the camera, which is a QHY183M, capture software is NINA.
What other information do you need?

What you describe is standard workflow.

We need some images to try to reproduce.

Ok, here is the link to a set of Darks, Flats, DarkFlats and Lum subs.

Ok I did a try.
No crash, at any step.

OK I don’t reproduce your error. But I see the problem you have.
The problem is that when you subtract your flat by the darkflat you obtained negative values. And this is not good at all.

22:22:42: B&W layer: Mean: 32442.1, Median: 32482.3, Sigma: 956.5, AvgDev: 340.1, Min: -146.6, Max: 35275.3

So after doing your masterflat you can do:

offset 200 in the siril command line then save the master flat

However, you have another issue with your flat. You have a black border, on the left. This border causes some troubles to the process.

Oh thanks. Any idea what could cause the negative value or the black border?

I don’t know. But you should give one flat file to the NINA dev team and see what they can do.

Sounds like a similar issue I had a while back with my QHY mono camera.

My solution was to disable the overscan black borders in the camera driver, as they are enabled by default. They’re not an issue with most other stacking software, but Siril does not like them at all. For the most part, you do not need them anyway.

The only solution to your present dataset is to batch crop your entire lights and calibration frame borders by exactly the same value.

Siril should work fine after that.