Siril 1.0.4 download blocked by anti virus

Just a heads up: probably because it’s new, SiriL 1.0.4 download is blocked by anti virus. Downloading 1.0.3 is no problem.
Both Avast and Kaspersky are blocking it, flagging it as dangerous.

This is a known pain. At each new releases we need to fill forms and send it…

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Really, with echt new release? I would have though that they would have a kind of trustworthy maker program of sorts, so that you don’t have to that each time.
Anyway, good to know and I’ll try again next week or so :+1:

Disable your AV and download Siril. Because it will take some time.

we’re not rich or famous enough for that :slight_smile:

@lock042 Yeah, did that and works. Somehow that solution slipped my mind :slight_smile:
@vinvin Ah yes, money makes the world go round. I would have thought that reputation of a program would also count for something at a certain point.