Siril 1.2.0-beta1

This is another version of asinh, slightly modified with more controle.

No sorry. GHS controles are really different and that makes no senses to put it like we did with Histogram Transformation.

I find the left most slider an easy way to set the black point. How does one do it in GHS?

By switching to linear stretch in the type of stretch selector

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Excellent upgrade!!! One thing only I cannot find anywhere the export tiff function … Where it is hidden? :slight_smile:

Save as… TIFF

Sorry if this is obvious but I can’t seem to find the answer here. I have got the beta version (MacOS - Intel - Big Sur 11.7.3) and have the latest Starnet2++ CLi version. I have this Starnet++ directory pointed to in the preferences section but when I go to run Star Removal it is saying that I have no valid Starnet Install present? Just wondering if I am doing something wrong? TIA.

Did you take a look to our documentation?
Everything is explained there. Especially for macOS.

I hadn’t no. All up and running now once I had!! Many thanks for the pointer. The only difference I had was that opening the Security and Privacy settings after running for the first time I didn’t get the option to set the preferences for libtensorflow.2.dylib. I had to go into the Starnet CLi directory itself and do it on the file there. Thanks again for the help and also the software. Much obliged.