Siril 1.2.1 crashed while calibrating fits images

Hi everyone,
I have been using Siril on my Intel Mac for about a year without issue. Now I am using 1.2.1 and I’m experiencing some problems. I just load 6 images in a sequence and try to calibrate them and then it just crashed with any error message. It’s just gone. I tried many times with same results.

Can anyone help me on this?
– Normand

Hello, we would very much like to know how this happens. Can you do either of these:

  • run siril from a terminal, you will still have the logs
  • share your 6 images and the calibration masters


Hello Vincent,

I wish there was a stable scenario that would replicate the problem. I managed to stack my images after many attempts, all I can say it crashes without warning anywhere in the process. I noticed it happens more steadily and rapidly if I stretch the image with Auto-adjustment and High definition. If I only use Auto-adjustment, it looks like I can work for a while, but even then after a couple more iterations of calibration and stacking, it just crashed.

I will try to work from terminal to see if it tells something in the log.

first, in most cases the high definition auto-adjustment is useless

if the image display makes siril crash, it’s probably because images are too big for the amount of available memory, either because too many other programs are running, or because the computer is not powerful enough

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