"Siril cannot split CFA channel." - Extract HaOIII script on Fuji mirrorless+DNB data


Just got a duo-narrowband clip in filter for my Fuji x-t20 and wanted to try siril’s extract script when stacking my data. I made a slightly edited version of the OSC_Extract_HaOIII script to skip any dark processing, since I opt not to take them on my imaging sessions. Here is the edited script, I believe I correctly modified it but I’m not certain: https://pastebin.com/4Rvmc40C

Here is the log file after attempting the script: https://pastebin.com/Abv4NMxj

At this point I’m just assuming that I incorrectly edited dark processing from the script or that these commands are incompatible with fuji files.


had a look at your modded script. You should remove -debayer when preprocessing the lights (line 37) and that should work.



Ah yeah I should’ve added that I tried it with and without debayering on that line.

The script failed on both attempts but I guess I never read the logs close enough: https://pastebin.com/RDBBFZZ8

Seems like this extraction doesn’t support the fuji XTRANS sensor at the moment.

Yes indeed.
So far, CFA extraction is not available for Fuji sensor. Sorry.

All good, par for the course as a Fuji user in astrophotography, I’m finding. Haha