Siril crashes and PC reboot needed

I have recently started using SIRIL and it has worked extremely well till now. I am using Sirilic for multisession pre-processing which also works well.

I use it manually.

Now, I have a problem for the first time

  1. I have a sequence of 796 images over 3 sessions. They have been pre-processed in Sirilic without any problem
  2. This is the largest sequence till date - max so far has been under 200
  3. Some of the images (about 150) have significant star movement.
  4. Registration with single star alignment works fine (with follow star movement), but the stacking results are poor ( in this case only, it works fine with other data sets). So I went back to Global Alignment.
  5. Global alignment does not work. It processes without problems about 75-80% of the way and then freezes. After this, Siril stops responding. I then have to reboot the system.
  6. It does not stop at a specific file. Sometimes it is 691 (as in screenshot), sometimes 192, etc etc.
  7. The specific file it stops at is okay when opened individually in Siril.
  8. Note that the same set of files processes fine in DSS.

The system is quite adequate.

Any suggestions?

Win 10 x64
i5, 12GB RAM, SSD

I’ve already processed more than 1000 images, even 60 000 in lucky imaging. So this is not the issue.

Probably because you have field rotation.

Probably a memory issue. Decrease the memory ratio value in preferences.

Are you using the default memory ratio of 0.9? If so, maybe try 0.7.
This may be a useful read:

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Wow I totally forgot you wrote this :). We should link this page with some new questions in the FAQ ;).

Thanks, will try and get back.

That worked. Thanks very much.

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