siril dynamic psf via ssf or python script?

I am creating a database of FITS files by extracting the FITS headers like target, camera, etc. The idea is that I can search for certain files and process them later on (e.g. with more data on the same target from different sessions).

I am doing it from the command line, and I would like to add a few quality metrics on the individual frames also, and thought I could use the siril scripting (or the python module) to do this.

It seems like the dynamic PSF function ( and the data it produces would be a good fit for this. But I cannot figure out how to do this from a script. I assumed I could do globally for a single file by doing star detection then the psf and save the data as csv or json or whatever, but either I am missing it in the documentation or it is not possible? Can someone point me in the right direction? And if it is not possible via Siril, does anyone have any other ideas? Thanks.

Postscript: discovered this

and would investigate that also, if not possible “out of the box” with Siril

Once you’ve aligned your image (either with global or on one star) you can select a star type in the comand line: seqPSF.
This is not something you can put in a script as you need to select a star.