SIRIL Mono_Preprocessing script execution failed with error Siril v1.0.3

12:58:21: Welcome to siril v1.0.3

12:58:21: Supported file types: BMP images, PIC images (IRIS), PGM and PPM binary images, RAW images, FITS-CFA images, Films, SER sequences, TIFF images, JPG images, PNG images, HEIF images.

12:58:21: Loading init file: ‘/home/eric/.config/siril/siril.config’

12:58:21: Parallel processing enabled: Using 2 logical processors.

12:58:23: Setting CWD (Current Working Directory) to ‘/mnt/1e43981c-1613-47b0-

12:58:23: Searching scripts in: “/home/eric/.siril/scripts”…

12:58:23: Loading script: Mono_Preprocessing

12:58:23: Loading script: OSC_Preprocessing

12:58:23: Loading registration method: One Star Registration (deep-sky)

12:58:23: Loading registration method: Two or Three Stars Registration (deep-sky)

12:58:23: Loading registration method: Global Star Alignment (deep-sky)

12:58:23: Loading registration method: Image Pattern Alignment (planetary - full disk)

12:58:23: Loading registration method: Enhanced Correlation Coefficient (planetary - surfaces)

12:58:23: Loading registration method: Comet/Asteroid Registration

12:58:23: Default FITS extension is set to .fit

12:58:38: Starting script /home/eric/.siril/scripts/Mono_Preprocessing.ssf

12:58:38: The “requires” command is missing at the top of the script file. This command is needed to check script compatibility.

12:58:38: Setting CWD (Current Working Directory) to ‘/mnt/1e43981c-1613-47b0-a811-4c6849e8758e/Astro/SIRIL/Wizard/HA’

12:58:38: Script execution failed.

Mono-Preprocessing.ssf file that is located at scripts · master · FA / Siril · GitLab has requires 1.1.0. I am running 1.0.3. I cannot find an older version of the script.

The original error message was because I right clicked on the file and clicked save as and it saved as a html file, though it did have a ssf extension.

Hello, the version you are looking for is in the siril installation files. You are looking at the source files for the next version.