siril script No Dark

Hi can anyone help i use siril scripts i find them quick and easy i usually use the No dark script which seems to work fine and if it aint broke dont fix it ,( lights ,flats ,biases ) as i Dither using a dslr (nikon D5300 unmodded ) just updated to 1.0 i see that script is obsolete is there a way to get this script back or make a new one using sirilic but i would need to know all the parameters used ,i do find siril daunting/confusing tbh maybe that because im not the most techy minded.

regards Dave

Sorted I deleted the 2 script lines and now have all scripts back , I did do this before but never worked , opened Siril later on and hey presto it worked I had scripts back , I did manually process some files last night and before I just got to the end of process, Siril crashed lost everything, I will calibrate bias and flats in future to make masters then use the no dark script .

Hi, it would be nice to know how or why it crashed, to be able to correct this.
About the script, just make sure the paths in the settings are right.

No idea why it crashed , never had Siril crash before, I tried processing manually but to be honest found it to be a lot of faffing and long winded , I will stick to the script when using dslr ,using scripts is it possible to use a master bias fit file or does it need to be raw Files ? When using scripts does the processing of the raw flats create a master?, using scripts in 1.0 don’t like the working folder icon and preferred the old way of having working folder at the bottom of conversion screen it was much simpler .


In what it is now less simpler? It’s always a button. Always same behavior.

To you maybe I preferred it in the same local area .


Same local area from what?
I don’t get it

Well before working folder was in box at bottom of screen I could easily see the folder path and access easier , just a personal preference.

Regards Dave

Hi, just for understand, the new Siril release do not include the DSLR scripts but instead they included a new version of those?

Default scripts (automatically installed with SiriL):

  • DSLR_preprocessing.ssf
  • DSLR_Preprocessing_Drizzle.ssf
  • DSLR_Preprocessing_NoFlat_NoDark_NoBias.ssf
  • DSLR_Preprocessing_NoDark.ssf
  • DSLR_preprocessing_Cosmetic.ssf
  • DSLR_Preprocessing_NoFlat.ssf
  • DSLR_preprocessing_Drizzle_Cosmetic.ssf
  • DSLR_Preprocessing_NoFlat_NoDark.ssf

They will still work and if is yes, where I can get it again?

You are right, the scripts in the new siril have changed. We are still adjusting what is going to be provided, and they come with tutorials that have not yet been translated to English, so I understand the confusion.
The old scripts may work but probably will use some options or other details that have changed. You can always try. We’ll try to provide an update to them soon, probably more in the not-shipped-with-siril side of things.

By default old scripts won’t work anymore with 0.99.6.
Some scripts will be uploads on the wiki page that can be reach through the app.