Siril Scripts - Command to load a sequence

I’m looking to process several light frames from a mosaic which live in a single folder. I cannot find a command to load each sequence… Panel1.seq, Panel2.seq, … etc. I have only seen the load command for fits and other extension but not .seq

Just click on the search sequence button of UI management.

yes, I see you can do that but I’m trying to process all the images in a script without using the UI.

So don’t worry about that.
Each command load sequence.

For example: preprocess, register, stack…

When the directory is changed to my lights folder it recognizes each panel and creates .seq files. I want to be able to select N number seq files but the load command only doesn’t see .seq.

Load command is only to load a single image.

Correct, any other commands for loading .seq files?

No, because in normal use it is not needed. I’m sorry I don’t really understand what you want.

To load a sequence to stack it. Just do

stack sequencename

same for other command. You can take a look to official scripts.

The goal is to convert, preprocess, register and stack light frames from a multi panel mosaic that all live in a single folder. Frames for each panel will be named

Panel1–>(panel1_001.fits, panel1_002.fits…)
Panel2–>(panel2_001.fits, panel2_002.fits…)
Panel3–>(panel3_001.fits, panel3_002.fits…)

first, make sure to write:

setext fits

if your original images are fits.
then no need to convert if it follows this name convention.

preprocess panel1_ ......
register pp_panel1_

and so on.

great! So it automatically sees the .seq file once the directory is changed!