Siril window too big for screen

when I open the Photometric Color Calibration window the bottom is off the screen and cant be accessed.


You can reduce the size of this windows by clicking on the small triangles to collapse some parts

I also have this problem. The top bar of macOS covers the menu bar of siril. If I alt f for full screen the top menu of siril appears momentarily then is covered by another window. I can’t seem to change it.

Same answer. You can reduce a lot of part of this window.

Can’t see how…, no x boxes and the menu is covered by the MacOS top menu.

Click on the triangles before each item.
Image parameters, catalogue parameters, …

Screenshot…, even if I hide the dock I still don’t seem to be able to reduce the size of the siril screen.

Click on the triangle left to ‘Source’ to collapse the control below it. Thus the bottom of the dialog window will become visible…

I am obviously being very stupid and missing something vital here…,