sirilic is what i needed to start using siril in general, but please upgrade this:

sirilic makes stacking easy as it eradicates the annoying manual pre-copying. means siril became as handy as deepskystacker with it. however dss still wins on the 2 following positions :

1 dss remembers the last folder and filetype i had selected on my previous program use. so i dont need to re-select folders and files on darks flats df and bias, its redundant most of the time

2 on dss i can easily add more sessions to a multisession project, on sirilic i either dont understand how to do this, or it is impossible and i completely have to rebuild a project when i wanna add (or delete) one of the sessions.

Hello. Sirilic and Siril are two different projects. This is the Siril forum and you are unlikely to get a reply from the Sirilic developer.

I like Sirilic for the same reasons. lock042, clearly Siril and a script written for Siril are not the same thing. But I would have thought this a good place to pose a question about the working of a script designed for Siril and documented on

now the question to that is where i could contact the sirilic developer …

Where have you looked? There’s an email address in the file.

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Sirilic does multi-session projects

if you start a one session project today and wanna add a second session tomorrow, how do you add session2?